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A perfect summer school located in a luxury place and include entertainment, fun, rest, learning

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International Summer Schools in collaboration with Dreamland SABIS SUN International School

By ISOPS - Global Education Brands

Ages 6-14 Years

Duration 10 days (M-F)

Max. Group 24 Students

Time 9 AM - 6 PM


As the leader edutainment brand of Azerbaijan, ISOPS offers the best summer camp experience for children aged between 6-14. Each year thousands of children attend our programs from all over the world. The international camp is held in the famous and elite place of Azerbaijan with the partnership of SABIS SUN International School.


Summer Camp is a two-week 9 AM – 6 PM program combines entertainment, rest, development and sport activities. In the summer camp, which will be managed by a responsible, operative workforce, various splendid activities will be implemented within the program. Our plan, which serves the interests of children, will make a great impression on the participants and make them dedicate the summer months perfectly.

Daily program includes but not limited to...

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Dates - 2023


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