June 19 - August 11

A unique resort complex on the coast of the Caspian Sea Entertainment | Rest | Development | Active Life

May this summer be the best gift for your children!


Almost 600 students attended in Sea Breeze Summer schools in 2022

Parents' Choice

Ages 6-16

Duration 10 days (M-F)

Max. Group 25 Students

Time 9 AM - 6 PM


As the leader edutainment brand of Azerbaijan, ISOPS offers the best summer camp experience for children aged between 6-16. Each year thousands of children attend our programs from all over the world.  


Summer Camp is a two-week 9 AM – 6 PM program combines entertainment, rest, development and sport activities. As the largest summer camps organiser, we offer unforgettable summer experience with our highly trained staff, well-developed programs and safe and modern venues.

Daily program includes but not limited to...

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