July 03-August 11

Provides learning experiences through fun, engaging activities that encourages children to explore their sense of wonder.

Summer is fun with us!


Explore Kids STEM summer camp at Baku Oxford School!

Ages 6-12 Years

Duration 10 days (M-F)

Max. Class 25 Students

Time 9 am-6 pm


Our STEM Summer Camp encourages your children to use their imaginations, to collaborate effectively, and to explore new concepts and ideas—all while learning interesting STEM skills that will benefit them in school and in life. Our STEM Summer Camp is designed to provide an enjoyable, interactive experience for kids that promotes socialization, prosocial behaviors, and positive group dynamics.  


Our STEM Summer Camp for school aged children is designed to provide our scholars with a unique and exciting opportunity to study science, technology, engineering, and math through a carefully curated curriculum offered during the summer months.STEM Summer Camp is a two-week 9 AM – 6 PM program combines entertainment, rest, development master classes and sport activities. As the largest summer camps organiser, we offer unforgettable summer experience with our highly trained staff, well-developed programs and safe and modern venues.

Daily program includes but not limited to...

Who can attend?

Dates - 2023